List of Saudi Arabia’s top ten clothing brands

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There are numerous international and local clothing brands available in Saudi Arabia. You can choose from a wide range of designers, whether looking for something local or a luxury brand like Gucci. Check out these top 10 clothing brands in Saudi Arabia if you’re a fashionista in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yousef Akbar

Yousef Akbar

Saudi Arabia’s top 10 clothing brands are ranked, starting with Yousef Akbar. He was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is a renowned Saudi designer. He sources sustainable materials for his demi-couture collection and supports local artisans throughout the Middle East.

Arwa Al Banawi

Arwa Al Banawi

Another internationally recognized designer from Saudi Arabia is Arwa Al Banawi. She has collaborated with renowned companies such as Adidas and has gained recognition as a contemporary women’s ready-to-wear designer.

“Through her brand, Al Banawi strives to empower women and to convey the Arab culture.” According to her website.



Adidas can’t be overlooked when talking about Saudi Arabia’s top 10 clothing brands. This brand is well known worldwide and is particularly popular in the Middle East.

You can find Adidas stores in Jeddah and Riyadh if you’re in the area.

Too Dark To See Tomorrow

A Saudi label by designer Ahmad Alwohaibi called Too Dark To See Tomorrow, abbreviated 2D2C2M, is a streetwear label that produces limited-edition, high-quality clothing.

For something that stands out from tradition, look to 2D2C2M if you want a design that pushes the limits of streetwear in Saudi Arabia.


On the list of top 10 clothing brands in Saudi Arabia, number five is a sustainable brand. The Sadeem fashion line is designed by Saudi designer Sadeem Alshehail, emphasizing sustainability.

According to Sadeem’s website, “Sadeem’s fabrics are non-toxic and sourced from companies that follow sustainable practices.”


Saudi Arabia is a wealthy Gulf country known for its luxury and extravagance. Because of this, KSA is home to luxury and extravagant clothing brands. Gucci has popular stores in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia.


Daneh Buahmad is a Dubai-based Saudi Arabian designer whose clothes are created to fit the needs of working women.

She makes sure her clothes are comfortable, durable, and beautiful to ensure they stand the test of time.

Layla Moussa

Layla Moussa ranks eighth in the top 10 list of clothing brands in Saudi Arabia. Her clothes are distinctly Middle Eastern in style and designed for “unique-minded, strong, modern women.” She specializes in kaftans and jackets.

Nora Al Shaikh

In Saudi Arabia, Nora Al Shaikh ensures that all her clothing is designed and produced. Women and their culture also inspire her designs.

Nora Al Shaikh combines her Saudi heritage with a global perspective to create a modern and feminine wardrobe.

Proud Angeles

Proud Angeles rounds out the top 10 clothing brands in Saudi Arabia. This brand is a fusion of Los Angeles style and Saudi Arabian fashion.

On its website, Proud Angeles states that its clothing aims to mimic the good vibes, experiences, and colorful culture LA offers here in the Middle East.”