More About Black Shark

Black Shark is a gaming tech company made up of hardware engineers, developers, designers, and esports fans. Whether hardcore or casual gamers, Black Shark aims to enhance the gaming experience on mobile devices and fuel the global gaming community by supporting esports, online gamers, and streamers.

Blackshark WW

Black Shark has been around since 2017, so that's not a weakness; it's a strength. The team at Black Shark is action-oriented and flexible. It leads to better results. It is the approach Black Shark takes.

Black Shark believes mobile gaming has unlimited potential, but uninspired gaming phones have hampered its growth.

There's more to the perfect gaming phone than just hardcore hardware - it's about cutting-edge innovation, refined build and design, polished software, and gamer-friendly customer service. With Black Shark, you can get the world's most powerful gaming phone and a terrific community of gamers.

Black Shark is leading the way in innovation by being the first smartphone brand to introduce liquid cooling for professional-grade performance and a dedicated image processing chip for unmatched visuals. 

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