Kcal Extra: More Information

In 2010, Kcal launched its subsidiary, Kcal Extra, a healthy food and lifestyle company. Kcal began by offering healthy menus, restaurants, and food options. With Kcal Extra, users can ensure their diet is balanced and their health goals are met. It's worth noting that you can get discounted prices when you use Kcal Extra Promo Code during checkout.

You can consult experienced nutritionists on Kcal's panel as part of an additional consultancy service. Depending on your health and goals, you can select a plan in consultation with them. Following that, you do not have to worry about well-prepared food being delivered to your home. You can still be healthy with Kcal Extra and still enjoy your favourite foods. You will also save money with the discounts offered by the Kcal Extra Coupon code.

Meal Plans from Kcal Extra

The meal plans created by Kcal Extra are excellent for those who wish to use them. Besides customizing, there are also ready-made meal plans that are well-balanced, help progress towards goals and ensure variety in taste. Can order the plans listed above with huge discounts using Kcal Extra Coupon Code.

Plan to Get slimmer: 

There are a variety of meal plans available for weight loss. These plans are usually designed to help obese people lose weight. You can take advantage of the Kcal Extra Coupon code to save on all meal plans. It is possible to select a weight loss meal plan based on your taste and requirements.

The International Weight Loss Plan:

Your table will be laden with a variety of international dishes with the International Plan. Moderate serving sizes, high levels of fibre and protein, and low fat and carbohydrate levels are key elements of this plan. You'll eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you'll have two snacks per day. In addition, Kcal Extra Promo Code allows you to take advantage of huge discounts on the plan.

Diet plan for weight loss by Chef Hala: 

Chef Hala designed this plan. Mediterranean and Levantine food is featured on it. There is no additional charge for meals. You can save a lot of money by applying Kcal Extra Discount Code during the checkout process.

Plan for people with diabetes who want to lose weight: 

A diabetes treatment plan that helps those with diabetes control their blood sugar and Weight loss. The healthy fat, low-glycemic carbs, and lean protein in the diet ensure that blood sugar levels remain within reasonable limits. There are two snacks in the plan each day and breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These are available at discounted rates when you use Kcal Coupons.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan: 

Plenty of vegetarian dishes are included in this plan, prepared with protein sources like nuts, beans, legumes, tofu, cheese, eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It provides three meals daily, plus snacks. Utilize the latest Kcal Extra Discount Code to save on all plans.

Weight Loss Plan Without Gluten: 

There are a variety of dishes in the Gluten-Free Plan that are gluten-free. A gluten-free diet is followed, nourishing and delicious foods are prepared to help with weight loss. Every day, meals are served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also two snacks every day. When ordering, remember to use the Kcal Extra Coupon code and get big discounts.

Weight Loss Plan for New Mums: 

New mothers will use this plan to regain their pre-baby health and weight. This food will be low in fibre, low in glycaemic index, lean and healthy in protein and fat. A customized plan with an international menu is designed to suit the individual's needs. You can get discounts by utilizing Kcal Extra Promo Codes when you order.

Weight Management & Muscle Building Wellness Plan: 

In this plan, those without medical issues are maintained, and future hazards are prevented. Every meal plan includes 2 snacks a day, as well as a delicious and healthy breakfast. This plan is available with amazing discounts with Kcal Coupon Codes.

Bodybuilding & Weight Management: 

Suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, these plans offer a host of benefits. By adding protein to your diet, you can build muscle, maintain weight, and enjoy delicious meals. There are multiple variations, and you can purchase them with Kcal Extra Discounts at reduced prices.

Managing weight and building muscle is part of the athlete plan: 

This plan is designed to help athletes gain strength and energy. In addition to providing highly nutritional calories, it allows the body to perform at its peak. There are four meals and two snacks in the menu plan. You can get the plan for a lower price by Utilizing Kcal Extra Discount Codes.

Kcal Extra Promo codes - how to get them?

It's easy to get Kcal Discount Codes. You don't have to go through many complicated steps. Take advantage of huge discounts on your online purchases by following a set of simple steps. Follow these steps: 

  1. For Kcal Extra, check out Pesapak.com.
  2. You can get a coupon code or a deal by selecting the offer you're interested in on the Kcal Extra Promo Code page.
  3. Click on GO TO THE STORE to be redirected to Kcal Extra's website. Additionally, these Kcal Extra App Codes are compatible with the mobile app.

Kcal Extra Discount Codes: How to Use?

It would be best to use the Kcal Extra Promo code to gain discounts on your meal plans once you have obtained them. Furthermore, this is an easy process that anyone can undertake. Follow these steps to get started. 

  1. Open Kcal Extra's mobile app or browse its website.
  2. Pick a meal plan and choose a frequency and duration.
  3. After completing the order, paste the copied Kcal Extra Promo Codes into the promotional code area.
  4. After the discount is applied, a new total will be displayed.
  5. Proceed by paying the amount when applying the payment option you selected.
  6. You need to provide the shipping address where you want your food delivered.
  7. Have fun saving!

A Guide to Shopping for Kcal Extra

There are ways to make Kcal Extra even more beneficial if you like receiving meal plans from them. While setting and ordering your meal plan, you can save a lot of money by utilizing Kcal Extra App Codes. Additionally, our experts have created a set of helpful tips to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. 

Shopping Tips for Kcal Extra:

It is even more attractive to order meals from Kcal Extra. In addition to getting discounts applying Kcal Promo Codes, you'll never miss any Kcal Extra offers or benefits. Here are a few helpful tips: 

  • Make sure you regularly check Kcal Extra's app or website for new offers and promotions.
  • Don't miss out on new Kcal Extra Promo Codes by following them on all social media platforms.
  • Subscribing to the newsletter can be extremely beneficial to your health.
  • Utilize Pesapak.com to find Kcal Extra Discount Codes and enjoy the best discounts.

The Kcal Extra Features and Benefits

With Kcal Extra, you can determine what your health requirements are and reach them. Additionally, Kcal Extra Promo Code their customers the benefit of well-designed plans that offer great value to match their needs while also providing quality and taste. Kcal Extra offers the following features:

  • Various meal plans are available for different dietary requirements and tastes so that you can choose one.
  • A nutritionist can provide advice before and during a meal plan.
  • All meal plans can be made more affordable with Kcal Promo Codes.
  • All deliveries in Dubai are free of charge.
  • A variety of banks offer instalment plans with easy terms above three months.

Kcal Extra Promo Codes: Shop Online for Big Savings

By using Kcal Extra Coupons, you can take care of your healthy food requirements. If you use these discounts on all your online orders, you will reduce the costs substantially. So, now it is easier than ever to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Contact information for Kcal Extra

Kcal Extra offers excellent customer support. Alternatively, you can call 0800: 39872 or chat online at the website. If you prefer, you can also reach out by WhatsApp at +971 52 488 4354 and via e-mail at info@kcalextra.com. Using their website and Facebook page, you can also chat via Facebook messenger. From Sunday through Thursday, service is held from 9 am to 6 pm; on Saturdays, it is held from 10 am to 4 pm.

Become a member of Kcal Extra

With multiple social media accounts, Kcal Extra provides health tips and information about its plans to followers. In addition to new offers and Kcal Extra Promo Code, the company also announces them on social media: 

  • Facebook: facebook.com/kcalextra
  • Instagram: instagram.com/kcalextrauae/
  • Twitter: twitter.com/kcalextrauae

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