Mikyajy: More information

The Middle East cosmetic brand Mikyajy is among the fastest-growing brands. With more than 200 stores across eight countries, it has been a big success since it was launched in 1999. You will find an exclusive collection of makeup and beauty products at this store as good as those sold by top-tier brands. Customers can also obtain unbeatable discounts when using Mikyajy Promo Codes. This retailer also provides its customers with the best prices.

Mikyajy offers a wide selection of products.



You can get all your makeup needs, including those for your face, at Mikyajy. A variety of makeup boxes, color palettes, foundations, skin powders, contour powders, cream palettes, and much more are available on the site. Take advantage of Mikyajy Coupon Codes to reduce the prices of your favorite products right now.


Several eye makeup products are available at Mikyajy, including eye kits, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras, and more. Also available are fake eyelashes and eye contour brush sets, which you can use to make your eyes look great. Also, Mikyajy Discount Codes can provide you with huge discounts on these products.


How would you describe your ideal lip product? Lipsticks, lip liners, glosses, etc. The Mikkyajy website has a great assortment of all these products and lip kits, liquid lipsticks, and cleaning supplies. Using Mikyajy Voucher Codes, you can acquire the best lip colors and shades at amazing discounts.


Additionally, Mikyajy carries various nail care products, including nail enamel, nail kits, nail polish remover, nail accessories, and all nail care essentials to achieve a perfect manicure and trimmed nails. Getting impressive discounts with Mikyajy Codes is the best way to save.

Accessories Brushes:

You can find a wide selection of Mikyajy brushes that will help you apply and set your makeup to perfection. The brushes for your eyes and face are separate, and you can get makeup sponges, too. Also, you can buy makeup brushes and brush cleaners. You can get amazing discounts on high-quality brushes using Mikyajy Coupon Codes.


Additionally, Mikyajy offers a carefully selected range of face masks that revitalize and moisturize the skin, helping it be purified and cleansed. There are also foot masks that protect your feet and keep them healthy. Also, remember to use Mikyajy Coupon Codes to get big discounts on these products.

Bags & Boxes:

What kind of makeup and accessories do you need to store efficiently? The makeup bags and travel cases offered by Mikyajy ensure all your accessories are safely stored and accessible wherever you are. You can buy these products at a reduced price through Mikyajy Discount Codes.

Cleansing Essentials: Removing your makeup can be quite a challenge, but it is made easier with cleaning essentials from Mikyajy. These include makeup removers and wipes that remove makeup and clean dirt and impurities and keep your wallet light with Mikyajy Coupon Codes.

Beauty Accessories: 

At Mikyajy, you'll also find various beauty accessories, including atomizers, sharpeners, mirrors, and everything you need to get ready and complete your look in no time. Additionally, Mikyajy Codes offer wonderful discounts on these products.

Hair Accessories: 

Mikyajy also features superior hair accessories, including hair rings, brushes, false lashes, lash accessories, and lots more. For discounts, apply Mikyajy Promo Codes during checkout.

Nail Accessories: 

Along with all the cosmetic products that Mikyajy carries, you can also find manicure sets, manicure tools, nail polish removers, and more, as well as other nail care and grooming essentials. Additionally, Mikyajy Coupon Codes can get you amazing discounts when you use them on the online store.

Makeup Accessories: 

With Mikyajy, you can find the best makeup accessories for your makeup collection. There are makeup sponges, cleansing essentials, face masks, and other items included in this kit. Furthermore, Mikyajy Discount Codes help you stay within a limited budget when shopping.

Lash & Brow Accessories: 

Mikyajy also offers a selection of lash and eyebrow accessories. False lashes and other lash accessories are available at discounted prices through Mikyajy coupons.

Fragrances Eau de Parfum:

Do you love the sweet scent of Eau de Parfum? Mikyajy offers all of them at once, and each has a unique scent thanks to the different ingredients. Glamour, Censored, Dicey, Peony, and more are examples of exclusive scents. Moreover, Mikkyajy Codes make your shopping experience very interesting by giving you a lot of discounts.

Eau de Toilette: 

Do you want a lighter scent? Among the many products Mikyajy offers, one can find Twilight Jasmine, Spring Blossom, Secret Garden, Pink Blush, Cotton Dreams, among other fragrances. Enjoy great discounts through Mikyajy Promo Codes and feel fresh all the time.

Perfume Oils: 

Mikyajy offers perfume oils, which feature a long-lasting and powerful smell that captivates everyone in the vicinity. Glamour, Censored, Bling Bling, and many others are among the signature perfume oils it offers. It's even sweeter when you can purchase perfume oils at reduced prices using Mikyajy Coupon Codes.

Body Mists: 

These mists always have a sweet smell and are quick to diffuse, so they're a good choice. Mikyajy offers some of the best body mists you can find on their online store, and you can use Mikyajy Discount Codes to save when buying your favourite products.

Hair Parfum: 

Mikyajy also offers exclusive Hair Parfum products that will keep your hair fresh and odor-free while preventing sweat stains. Before purchasing anything from Mikyajy's online store, make sure you have Mikyajy Voucher Codes handy.

Gift Sets

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for your friends or family members? Mikyajy offers excellent gift sets that include beauty products, fragrances, body mists, and perfumes, among other things. Thankfully, Mikyajy Codes can prevent you from paying the full amount.

Shopping Guide for Mikyajy

This shopping guide is specially designed for those who love to shop at Mikyajy and enjoy incredible discounts through Mikyajy promo codes. You can use it whenever you purchase something on its website. For your shopping experience to be as pleasant as possible, we bring you the following guide:

Shopping Tips for Mikyajy:

  • Keep an eye on Mikyajy's website for the latest special discounts and deals.
  • Mikyajy offers exclusive discounts for its social media subscribers.
  • Use Credit Card Deals, Visa Card Deals, and Bank Promotions to get the most out of your money.
  • Get tons of promotional updates on your email when you subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Keep up to date with all the news about Mikyajy Discount Codes by following us.

Mikyajy Features and Benefits:

  • Join Mikyajy today and get great discounts and offers.
  • Refund policies are easy to use and flexible.
  • All over the Middle East, it offers 24/7 customer support.
  • It also offers the option of trying out makeup virtually before you decide to buy it using Mikyajy Coupon Codes.

Mikyajy Promo Codes: Save Big Online

You can shop at Mikyajy with peace of mind if you want to buy all your favorite makeup and accessories at the most affordable prices. Using Mikyajy Promo Codes can also result in some of the best makeup and cosmetics in the UAE being purchased at lower prices, as well as huge discounts. With these codes, you can get started immediately!

Contact information for Mikyajy

Besides having an easy-to-use online store, Mikyajy also has a friendly and helpful customer support team that is always available to help with queries or problems you may encounter at Mikyajy or when using Mikyajy Coupon Codes. You can reach them by telephone at 800 5654 or through WhatsApp at +971 55 675 7258. Alternatively, you can send an email to help@mikyajy.com.

Engage in socializing with Mikyajy

You should start following Mikyajy on social media right now so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest Mikyajy Discount Codes. You will learn a lot about how to keep saving big by knowing what to do. Be a fan of it on the following social media platforms now:

  • Facebook: facebook.com/mikyajy
  • Twitter: twitter.com/Mikyajy
  • Instagram: instagram.com/mikyajy
  • YouTube: youtube.com/user/Mikyajy1

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mikyajy

Does the store offer free shipping?

If you purchase AED/SAR 99, the Mikyajy online store will provide you with free shipping.

The Mikyajy Black Friday Sale will have what type of discount?

Mikyajy offers discounts of up to 25% on almost everything it sells. In addition, you get an additional discount with the Mikyajy coupon.

Which Mikyajy coupons can I use during the sale season?

Get an extra 10% off your order with Pesapak's exclusive code. You can also find many other best coupons at Pesapak.com and enjoy your shopping.

Are coupons always valid when shopping?

Yes, you can apply different discount codes, coupons & offers when you shop. Check out Pesapak for 100% updated and working vouchers.

Is it okay to share my coupons with others?

You can certainly suggest your exclusive coupon from Pesapak to anyone. You can use the codes above to save big on all orders.