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More About Mizalle

Mizalle is a women’s clothing brand established in June 2018 by Kandilli Tekstil to make a difference in the fashion sector. Mizalle co-founder is Mr. Muhammed Eymen Saraç, a young entrepreneur. Mizalle's greatest passion is to create collections that have been sought by modern women. collections that will combine both modern and modest lines together.

Mizall is a brand that believes in success. Brand Tone: positive, natural, calm, cool, confident, attractive, inspirational and modern.

Brand Positioning: women’s clothing brand which is “moderate” in style and price, “ambitious” in design, quality, modernity and “ideal“ in elegance.

Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty conditions

All products are under the warranty of the manufacturer unless otherwise stated. In order to warranty conditions to be valid, please check the product at the time of delivery.

Any damages must be reported and delivery of the product should be rejected. Warranty does not cover products modified by the user or deformed products or changes in the original designs.

Return Policy

The defective product, you will send us with this information will be replaced with a new one.

For the product return and replacement conditions, applications are performed according to the Consumer Protection Law No. 4077

Payment options

You can pay for your order through credit card, debit card, wire transfer/eft.

Payment by Credit Card

You can use your Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards to make payments with options of lump-sum and installment. In order to make the payment in installments, the card you have used must be included in the Bonus, World, Maximum, Paraf, CardFinans, Axess and Advantage programs.

The security of your personal information is very important to us. For this reason, all of your transactions from the moment you fill in the order form to the end of the payment process are protected by SSL certificate against access by 3rd parties. Your credit card information cannot be seen by third parties at the time of payment and is not recorded by Mizalle.

Payment by Debit Card

You can also use a debit card to pay for orders from Mizalle.com. Debit cards of all banks are valid on our site; you have the opportunity to pay with the bank card of your choice.

Our Account Information:



Branch Name: Bağlarbaşı

Branch Code: 422

Account Number: 6293043

IBAN Number: TR59 0006 2000 4220 0006 2930 43


Payment at the door
1.    Shipment with cash proceeds

Step 1: Order

The buyer customer expresses that he/she wants to make the payment at the door during the courier delivery by Yurtiçi Kargo at the time of ordering from the website or via telephone.

Step 2: Receiving and Sending a Post

The order information conveyed by the buyer is transmitted to Yurtiçi Kargo directly by the customer of Shipment with cash proceeds (Seller) through the web integration or SELF-SERVICE.

Step 3: Delivery and Collection

The shipment is delivered to the buyer after the cash collection has been made for the price transmitted by the seller through integration.

Step 4: Transfer of Cash Collections

After the necessary checks are made within the scope of Yurtiçi Kargo financial transactions, the cash collected from the buyer is transferred to the seller, that is, the sender, after 3 working days from the delivery date. All cargo transactions and payment information can be tracked and reported online.

2.    Shipment Collected by Credit Card

Step 1: Order

As in the cash process, the Purchaser-Buyer selects the Yurtiçi Kargo Credit Card Collection service if the Buyer places the order from a web page. After this selection, two options are offered; 1st option, İş Bankası Credit Card: the buyer selects lump-sum payment or interest-free installment if he/she holds a credit card of İş Bankası. 2nd option: He/she selects other credit cards and expresses that he/she want to make a lump-sum payment.

Step 2: Receiving Order from Shipper and Shipment

The order information conveyed by the buyer is transmitted to Yurtiçi Kargo directly by the customer of Shipment service with collection (Seller) through the web integration or SELF-SERVICE together with the amount to be collected by Yurtiçi Kargo, İş Bankası/Other Bank or if the credit card is of İş Bankası, together with a number of installment information

Step 3: Delivery and Collection