About NowNow

NowNow is a 60-minute delivery service for essentials, groceries, and other products. The company currently operates in Dubai with their dedicated mobile app available on iOS and Android. They offer the convenience of ordering your necessities like fresh meat or pet supplies to be delivered straight to you within an hour! NowNow also partnered up with several supermarkets, pharmacies/pharmacies butchery shops across town so that customers can live even more conveniently without ever having to leave their house again!.

NowNow Brands & Support

NowNow is a new app-based service that delivers groceries, snacks, and other items to your doorstep within 60 minutes! NowNow has collaborated with well-known brands such as 800 Pharmacy, Al Maya Supermarket. They have support channels like an excellent customer service team available via email or phone call 24 hours. You can also advertise on the marketplace in order to make money while promoting products through digital marketing campaigns created by their experienced corporate staff members who are dedicated to providing flawless results for clients year round.

Why We Should Shop from Now Now?

NowNow Dubai is the latest supermarket that guarantees to deliver groceries in just 60 minutes. The store's dedicated riders will make sure you get your order on time, and NowNow even lets users track their orders live from anywhere with a smartphone! If you're living outside of Saudi Arabia or UAE though- congratulations on being so far away- then all shipping information must be provided at checkout before placing an order online. But don't worry: NowNow offers and deals are available for those who can afford it too!

Extra Savings with Pesapak On Your Fast Delivery

Now Now offers both online and offline deals that save customers money on their orders from the best supermarkets. Pesapak provides a list of verified codes to use when ordering from these stores such as Deliveroo, iHerb, Life Pharmacy or FreshToHome. Stay tuned so you can get quality products for low prices by using these coupons while making payments with an added discount available through this site!

Ramadan Grocery Shopping Made Easy with NowNow

Ramadan is a special time of the year for Muslims around the world where they practice fasting and prayer. It's hard to be on your feet all day, so NowNow has you covered with groceries delivered right at your doorstep! The holy month requires preparation before it starts - get cooking now by ordering from brands like Haagen-Dazs and Meiji! Get up to 55% off & an extra 15% off plus promo codes during Ramadan festive season.

Now Now Promo Codes, Coupons & Offers

NowNow is the best online store for all your daily essentials. Shop everything you need from our seasonal and festival offers, supermarkets & pharmacies to pet food, meat or bakery items at an unbeatable discount with NowNow code!

Cancellation, Returns & Refunds

If you change your mind and want to cancel an order, we'll refund the full amount of what was charged with 1-2 business days. If something arrives defective or not as described online then don't worry because it's easy for us too! We can take care of that in about 7-14 working days by giving a return address on our website so just send back whatever needs returning right away.

Secure Payments & Delivery

NowNow UAE offers a variety of payment methods in stores and through their delivery service. They have options for cashless & contactless transactions, while charging the fixed fee on all orders with no minimum purchase requirement. You can expect to order within 60 minutes!

How to Use NowNow Coupon Codes?

  • Start shopping for the best deals on your favorite brands with NowNow coupons!
  • Just log in to Pesapak.com and start searching now.
  • Pick from our list of exclusive offers, like 30% off a purchase or 15% off.
  • Then just download their mobile app so you can get started right away.
  • And apply those discounts when checking out.
  • So next time you're looking for some great savings be sure to look no further than NowNow's big selection